18A South Dean Street, Englewood NJ 07631



Mon - Fri 9.00 am- 5.00 pm Sat CLOSED Sun 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Our Ethos

Who are we?

The Good Neighbor is a juice bar concept that offers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, shakes & Bowls.

High Quality Products

All our products are loving made from raw, vegan, kosher, organic ingredients sourced from growers who practice sustainable farming.

We are local

We are a family run business and we live in Englewood. Our aim is to encourage healthy dietary practices in our community.

Inspired by truth

Our guiding principle is ``Love your neighbor as yourself`` (Mark 12:31).

Socially Responsible

We believe that our store is a member of the community in which we operate and as such should seek to have a positive impact.

We Give Back!

10% of our profit will go back into the community in the form of charitable donations to community development initiatives that benefit children from low-income homes in Englewood.


Organic Juice Cleanses

Boost your Metabolism, launch your health goals!

1 Day Cleanse

5 Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

3 Day Cleanse

15 Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

5 Day Cleanse

25 Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

7 Day Cleanse

35 Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

The Good Neighbor Juice Bar

We are a juice bar concept that offers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, shakes & Bowls made from all organic ingredients sourced from local growers who practice sustainable farming.

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