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Drinking juice can speed the absorption of minerals and nutrients. The juicing process removes the fibrous pulp, leaving easy-to-digest liquids and nutrients behind. If you have a sensitive stomach, juicing is a great way to take in your minerals and nutrients without hurting your stomach. “When you remove the fiber and the pulp from the juice, it enters your digestive system in the small intestine where all the absorption happens,”

First of all, what is a juice cleanse? A juice cleanse is where you drink juice for a majority, if not all, of your meals. This may sound daunting, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Depending on the ingredients used in your juice, you can feel full as if you had just eaten a regular meal. Most juices have the pulp and super fibrous strands of produce removed,

Simply put, superfoods are specific fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have amazing health benefits. For example, spinach contains a good dose of iron, which is vital for creating new red blood cells. Not only are these super special natural products easy to find at local grocery stores, they’re also delicious to incorporate into fresh juices. Here are just a few amazing superfoods

Organic agriculture protects both you and the farmers from unhealthy chemicals. It’s no surprise that most farmers use chemicals to provide a higher crop yield and better-looking produce. However, those chemicals can potentially be harmful and cause some nasty effects. According to Ota.com, children are more likely to be harmed by these pesticides than a fully developed adult.Protect yourself and your children