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Why Should I Do a Juice Cleanse?

Juice is important for many different reasons. It can help aid digestion, it’s an easy way to get all your nutrients and minerals, and it’s just plain delicious and refreshing. Also, drinking juice is a great way to get healthy without resorting to unhealthy methods like some popular diets. There are numerous benefits of a juice cleanse.

First of all, what is a juice cleanse? A juice cleanse is where you drink vegetable and fruit juice for a majority, if not all, of your meals. This may sound daunting, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Depending on the ingredients used in your juice, you can feel as full as if you had just eaten a regular meal. Most juices remove the pulp and super fibrous strands of produce, so it’s easy on your stomach while you still get all of your needed minerals and nutrients. A juice cleanse isn’t only for detoxing; it’s a way for your body to reset and flush out all of the unhealthy things by taking in only nutrients and enzymes.

A cleanse can take place over a few days to a week, but it’s imperative you know that a juice cleanse is not permanent. Delicious as these drinks may be, you cannot live off of only juice and you must alternate your cleanse with your regular healthy eating habits.

How to do a juice cleanse

So, how do you do a juice cleanse? First, you need to take a few days before you start to put yourself on a healthier diet. You should cut back on caffeine, drink more water, and eliminate processed foods. After about 5-7 days of weaning yourself off of unhealthy habits, you can start your cleanse. For about 2-3 days, you should drink only juice made of fresh fruits and veggies.

Most health experts recommend for convenience and ease of implementation that you make all your juice beforehand, freeze the portions, and defrost your daily juice as you go about your cleanse. About 6 16-ounce bottles or glasses worth of juice is enough for an entire day, and it takes about 4-6 hours to fully defrost each bottle / container before it can be drunk.

Can I eat during a juice cleanse?

Drink each bottle of juice in 2-3 hour intervals, or whenever you begin to feel hungry. You aren’t supposed to eat any fibrous food during your cleanse, but a handful of nuts and some fresh veggies are acceptable if you really feel the need. When you are done with your cleanse, don’t rush back into solid foods immediately! It’s better to slowly ease back into them, or else your digestive system might be upset. You should absolutely avoid alcohol, red meats, and dairy for a few days after your cleanse. Odds are, you will feel like the best version of yourself!

Remember, it’s better to do juice cleanse over a couple of days to a week here and there; It’s not healthy to detox every single day! Many people rely on a detox once every 3 months but no need for more than that. And there you have it! This is your quick how-to on juice cleanses and how they can help.